6 Incredible Wedding Destinations in Western Australia

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Did you know that with a civil wedding celebrant, getting married in Australia opens up a whole world of exquisite opportunities?

Natural landscapes create some of the best backdrops to special occasions and ceremonies. Welcome to my “back yard”.

Towering sand dunes, pink lakes, and crystal-clear rock pools – here are 6 incredible spots to lose yourself in Western Australia


The small town of Lancelin lies 127km north of Perth, at the start of Western Australia’s Indian Ocean Drive.   Its majestic dunes attract sandboarding and 4-wheel driving enthusiasts, and the crystal waters off its coast provide a haven for visiting kite- and windsurfers.


The turquoise waters of Margaret River’s beaches are a renowned surfing location, with world wide notoriety for their surf breaks.  Spend the day taking on the waves or just relax on the white sand beaches enjoying some the region’s famous wines.


Karijini is Western Australia’s second largest National Park, located in the State’s North West.  The rugged beauty of the gorges, waterfalls and sparkling rock pools make the Karijini a must see destination for any Western Australia traveller.


Esperance is most noted for its pristine coastline and boasts some of Australia’s best beaches and whitest sands.  There are five major national parks near the town, including Cape Le Grand National Park, which is a favourite spot to view wild kangaroos sunbathing on the beach.


The Pinnacles are a series of impressive limestone formations in the dunes of WA’s Nambung National Park.  The are the product of hundreds of millions of tiny seashells broken down into lime-rich sands during an earlier era when the region was rich in marine life.  The park is open year round, but best visited in spring from August to October when the days are mild and the wildflowers start to bloom.


Western Australia is home to a number of “pink lakes” – extraordinary salt lakes that take on a brilliant pink color from the algae that live in their waters.  Pink Lake is one of WA’s most visited pink lakes, set against a backdrop of some of Australia’s most stunning coastal scenery, several kilometres from the town of Esperance.


Compiled by Graham Michael Freeman


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