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24th Dec 2013
A Christmas Wedding Ceremony

A Christmas Wedding Ceremony

A simple wedding ceremony unfolded without a hitch on the magnificent beach of South Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia on the cusp of the couple celebrating in Indian tradition in Mauritius!...

11th Dec 2013
Testimonials Joanne Armstrong

Unique, Different, Sincere & Witty – Perth Wedding Celebrant Joanne Armstrong

09th Dec 2013

Windy Wedding a Welcome Challenge!

The bride just managed to hold onto her veil! However the beach ceremony was still a beautiful success, all the wedding guests could hear every word and the celebrant, Joanne...

04th Dec 2013

Tip for the PERFECT WEDDING: Perth Wedding Celebrant Pushes Boundaries

  We are completely under the thumb of society’s expectations. Or are we? My rule of thumb is to always ask the question, “WHY?” Why do I have to wear...

27th Nov 2013

What Happens if Your Wedding Celebrant is Sick or Late? Yikes!

Punctuality is everything! First, your marriage celebrant should never ever be late. As an authorised wedding celebrant, I allow for 30 – 60 minutes prior to the ceremony start time....

22nd Nov 2013
Civil Marriage Celebrant Joanne Armstrong says "Thank You"

Civil Ceremonies give me a Reason to be Thankful this Thanks Giving!

Today, I give thanks to the beautiful people who have come into my life and enriched it through their desire to use my services as a marriage celebrant! In fact...

14th Nov 2013
Wedding testimonial

Wedding Testimonial for Joanne Armstrong – Civil Marriage Celebrant

Hey Joanne Armstrong! I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you SO much for making Isaac and I both feel so comfortable and natural on our wedding...

08th Nov 2013
Wedding Party - an app for your wedding

Planning your Civil Wedding Ceremony? Try Wedding Party App!

I’m loving a new app shared with me by one of my couples getting married in three weeks! If you are planning your wedding ceremony, you should at least try it...

Beach Wedding on the Crystal Shores of Geographe Bay

One of my favourite venues is Dunsborough, a small but popular coastal town in the South West of Western Australia, 254 kilometres south of Perth. I love the calm, tranquil...

25th Oct 2013

Weathering the Storms of Life: Marriage ain’t Always Easy!

Consider how much thinking and planning goes into the purchase of a house, a car, a phone. Now consider how much time you set aside and actively focus on planning...

14th Oct 2013
Weddings on a Budget

Weddings on a Budget

Interesting post via Visually. Although the facts are British, the tips still apply. I should just like to think your celebrant comes a little further to the top of the...

12th Sep 2013
Everything you Need to make your Wedding complete… WITH YOUR PET!

Everything you Need to make your Wedding complete… WITH YOUR PET!

I met the most extraordinary and inspirational lady the other day. What was meant to be a quick get together turned into a loooong conversation over coffee whilst we poured...

11th Sep 2013

Wild Heart Celebrations Civil Marriage Celebrant – Joanne Armstrong

08th Sep 2013

The Perfect Wedding Ring

I am really proud of one of my brides. Having pondered for some time over a selection of finely crafted, jewelled wedding rings, she opted for a ring that was...

26th Aug 2013

Perth Celebrant Testimonial – Joanne Armstrong

Joanne was the celebrant for our wedding in May 2013. The ceremony was everything we could have possibly wanted and Joanne was fantastic! She was very professional and made us feel...

22nd Aug 2013

How to Write ORIGINAL Wedding Vows

What a calamity! Time is running out and you’ve yet to consider your wedding vows.  As an authorised wedding celebrant, the first advice that I can guide you is firstly to...

16th Aug 2013

What does a Celebrant Cost?

How  long is a piece of wedding ribbon? Getting married can be really financially worrying –  it’s understandable that one of the first considerations is BUDGET. However, this is where...

18th Jul 2013
Exmouth Wedding and Wonders coming up!

Book your Celebrant before the BEST are Scooped UP!

I would like to share a photograph a bride emailed me today. One of her deepest passions, which she shares with her fiancé, is exploring the scenic wonders of Exmouth. Their...

28th Jun 2013

Forecast for Beach Wedding: SUNSHINE

Very excited about tomorrow’s Winter wedding. It is an intimate little event at a protected and grassy bushland reserve, which overlooks the beach. For these upcoming nuptials we are expecting...

26th Jun 2013
Joanne Armstrong – Perth Celebrant – Featured Articles in Hitched

Joanne Armstrong – Perth Celebrant – Featured Articles in Hitched

Click on the below links to read what Marriage Celebrant Joanne Armstrong is writing. Ceremonies are conducted in Australia and abroad in Bali, Thailand and other. Gay Marriage?! You can’t...