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13th Apr 2014
One way to present the rings!

More than Just One Way to Present the Wedding Rings

Hi All, Joanne Armstrong married us on the 21st March 2014 and she was amazing. The whole process was well thought out and planned by Jo. She encouraged us to...

11th Apr 2014

Wild Heart Celebrations Supports Greenpeace – and so do YOU with every Ceremony

One of the reasons I chose the name Wild Heart Celebrations was to extract your deep, personal, values, heritage and culture for reflection in your ceremonies. I also selected this name...

01st Apr 2014

Perth Waterfront Wedding, Matilda Bay Reserve, with Celebrant Joanne Armstrong

Thank you Jo for making our ceremony one we will never forget. As we met with a horror celebrant prior to you it was important for us to chose a...

29th Mar 2014
Marriage Equality a MUST for Australia

Same Sex Marriage – Celebrant Joanne Armstrong looks forward to more than Commitment Ceremonies, Marriage and More

Tomorrow the first same-sex marriages are possible whilst we still grapple with the concept of equality in Australia. On the cusp of delivering another same sex Commitment Ceremony, I would...

26th Mar 2014

Celebrate your Wedding Day or Vow Renewal with Roses

Marriage Celebrant, Joanne Armstrong, gives Tips on a Rose Giving Ritual. Work with your celebrant to ensure that this ritual is significant and well timed with the rest of the...

12th Mar 2014

Bali Weddings an Australian Dream, now a Reality with Best Wedding Celebrant

All I can say is what a venue for a wedding in Bali @ Villa Melissa – Pantai Lima Estate! The villa and estate is an amazing 6 stars. I...

11th Mar 2014
Personalised Wedding Ceremonies is What it is all About

Personalised Wedding Ceremonies is What it is all About

Kristy Nielsen for Joanne Armstrong Marriage Celebrant Jo conducted our wedding on 8/2/14 and I highly recommend her services. I had spoken with many celebrants in the decision process but upon meeting...

11th Mar 2014
Chinese Wedding in Australia? Or Marriage in Australia and then Ceremony in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan?

Chinese Wedding in Australia? Or Marriage in Australia and then Ceremony in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan?

你是中国人吗? 请问你有特别的仪式吗?   我的名字是乔安妮 · 阿姆斯特朗, 我是个 “合法婚姻司仪”。   我很感兴趣帮助不同文化背景的人。   由于我生活在世界各地,我长大的在香港。   我与她们的婚礼有很多家庭有经验。   每个婚礼是反映家庭的价值观和传统。   你知道吗?   自由结婚几乎可以在任何地方 — —例如;   美丽的场所、 公园、 海滩、 你的朋友的房子、 — — 那里一个婚宴...

10th Mar 2014
Wedding Pen

Wedding Signing Table, Wedding Pen, Wedding Decorations – What does your Celebrant Offer?

Very beautiful weddings this weekend. I received this stunning Swarovski pen on the right for my birthday to use for signing of the Marriage Register! I’ll hold it close to...

07th Mar 2014

Weddings on the Matilda Bay Foreshore – One of Perth’s Best Wedding Locations

Very excited about delivery of a wedding at the Matilda Bay Foreshore tomorrow evening. Do you want to know why I recommend it – aside from the view of lush...

04th Mar 2014
Exceptional, Unpredictable, Unexpected Weddings – Testimonial

Exceptional, Unpredictable, Unexpected Weddings – Testimonial

I would like to leave the following review for Joanne Armstrong (Perth Civil Celebrant, Western Australia).  I am not connected to Facebook, so have sent this (sik email) instead. Joanne...

24th Feb 2014
Testimonial for Joanne Armstrong – Marriage Celebrant

Testimonial for Joanne Armstrong – Marriage Celebrant

  ɞ ღ ♥ ♡ ❥ ❤ Civil Marriage Celebrant ❤ ❥ ♡ ♥ ღ ɞ If you are looking for a Las Vegas style quickie marriage, Joanne is not...

21st Feb 2014
Guide to the Perfect Love Story on your Wedding Day

Guide to the Perfect Love Story on your Wedding Day

It was very early on in my experience as a celebrant that I realised how easy it was to make people’s eyes sparkle with emotion and love to flow from...

18th Feb 2014

1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s,1980’s Wedding? Marriages with a Theme – Music to my Celebrant Ears!

Do you love to immerse yourself in different eras? Do you want to do something different on your wedding day? Well, you have discovered a norm-defying celebrant with a penchant...

11th Feb 2014

Chinese Traditional Holidays and Weddings – Close to my Heart KUNG KEI FAT CHOI! – Year of the Horse

Celebrations and civil ceremonies provide opportunities for storytelling. A significant part of my youth spent growing up in South East Asia, with early adulthood commencing in Hong Kong means that...

06th Feb 2014
Simply Marriage, Wedding Legalities without any Fuss

Simply Marriage, Wedding Legalities without any Fuss

Are you and your partner looking for a quick and seamless marriage?  No wedding, no reception, no speeches – just the wedding / legal formalities? If so, I can quote on...

23rd Jan 2014
Prrrrrrr Prrrrrrrrr

Prrrrrrr Prrrrrrrrr

Lianne Airey: A fantastic ceremony Joanne! I have been to my fair share of weddings and you were so professional, unique and dynamic. Your personalised service truly captured who Nat and...

23rd Jan 2014
Winter Wedding Western Australia

A Perfect Perth Winter Wedding with WA Celebrant Joanne Armstrong who Things Out the BOX

11th Jan 2014

We are Scheduled to have a HOT Wedding – 8 Tips to Keep Cool this Summer

My friend and fellow celebrant based in Exmouth is facing a scorcher at 48 Degrees Celsius, so this is a ‘dip in the ocean’ in comparison. On saying that, we...

08th Jan 2014

Words simply do not do justice for what Joanne Armstrong did for us on our big day!

  LinkedIn RecommendationJosh Bennett has written a recommendation for Joanne Armstrong ɞ ღ ♥ ♡ ❥ ❤ Civil Marriage Celebrant ❤ ❥ ♡ ♥ ღ ɞ at Wild Heart Celebrations.“Words simply do not do...