22nd May 2018
Vow renewals and recommitment ceremonies are worth it!

CCN Blog: Renewing Your Vows – What’s the Point?

Some couples at some point in their marriage, choose to renew their vows. Why? There are many reasons for this. Here a handful provided via the Civil Celebrations Network - CCN.

02nd Dec 2014
Glamping with a bottle of bubbly and smoked salmon on toast!

Creative Wedding Ceremony Content PART 1: it is easier than you think if you share a story or two

Just one holiday and I have so many memories of lumping a great big beast of a caravan across Wales to go to a friend’s wedding in Pembrokeshire. Gosh it...

26th Nov 2014
Same Sex Marriage Celebrant Joanne Armstrong

South West Wedding Celebrant – Same sex marriage supporter

The Federal Parliament is facing another debate on marriage equality, with a private members bill to legalise same-sex marriage being introduced to the Senate today. It is ONLY A MATTER...

20th Oct 2014
Indentation from a wedding band after wearing it for so long

Do you Believe in Marriage and Living Happily Ever After?

I do. Whilst waiting for a sandwich yesterday I got chatting to a lady who has been married for 42 years. Her wedding ring hurts too much to wear as...

12th Oct 2014
Cool and unique wedding ceremonies

Creative, Fun Wedding Celebrant – Joanne Armstrong of Wild Heart Celebrations

Do you want flexibility with your … vows? Flexibility is completely possible. It is only when you are legally marrying someone that there are words which must be said. The Marriage...

21st Sep 2014
Wedding celebrant Joanne Armstrong proud of commitment ceremony focus

Perth’s Best Ceremony Ever: commitment ceremony with wedding celebrant Joanne Armstrong makes news

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! This is the first time that Perth Bridal Magazine has featured a gay couple and my first Commitment Ceremony! It is one more reason...

30th Aug 2014

Wedding, Receptions, Parties and other Celebrations at Mosmans Restaurant

There are 3 things I love about weddings at Mosmans Restaurant and surrounds: 1. Intimacy! Having your friends and family close and in a more confined area can make a...

19th Jun 2014
How is a Commitment Ceremony any Less Binding than any other Wedding?

How is a Commitment Ceremony any Less Binding than any other Wedding?

In short, it is isn’t. Whether you or heterosexual, homosexual, transgender – it makes no difference to me. In my eyes, your commitment to one another – is no less...

29th May 2014
Pre-Marriage Counselling recommended before Marriage

The Hart Centre

When it comes to relationship guidance and counselling, The Hart Centre is one of the serviced providers on my list of recommendations to all couples – no matter what age...

29th Mar 2014
Marriage Equality a MUST for Australia

Same Sex Marriage – Celebrant Joanne Armstrong looks forward to more than Commitment Ceremonies, Marriage and More

Tomorrow the first same-sex marriages are possible whilst we still grapple with the concept of equality in Australia. On the cusp of delivering another same sex Commitment Ceremony, I would...

21st Feb 2014
Guide to the Perfect Love Story on your Wedding Day

Guide to the Perfect Love Story on your Wedding Day

It was very early on in my experience as a celebrant that I realised how easy it was to make people’s eyes sparkle with emotion and love to flow from...

22nd Nov 2013
Civil Marriage Celebrant Joanne Armstrong says "Thank You"

Civil Ceremonies give me a Reason to be Thankful this Thanks Giving!

Today, I give thanks to the beautiful people who have come into my life and enriched it through their desire to use my services as a marriage celebrant! In fact...

25th Oct 2013

Weathering the Storms of Life: Marriage ain’t Always Easy!

Consider how much thinking and planning goes into the purchase of a house, a car, a phone. Now consider how much time you set aside and actively focus on planning...

16th Aug 2013

What does a Celebrant Cost?

How  long is a piece of wedding ribbon? Getting married can be really financially worrying –  it’s understandable that one of the first considerations is BUDGET. However, this is where...

20th Jan 2013
Wedding on Rottnest Island Western Australia

Authorised, Civil, Certified – When Hunting for your Marriage Celebrant, what does this all mean?

A superb freedom in Australia is that you do not need a marriage license, nor are you restricted to marrying in church. Whether it’s a beach wedding, forest wedding, dune...

30th Nov 2012
Getting married in Australia or Overseas - let's just DO IT

Getting Married Overseas – Baby, Let’s Just DO IT!

Throwing caution to the wind and getting married either here, in Australia, or overseas, might seem like fun at first but WHOOOOOOAAAAAH!  It’s one thing to get those cogs going...