04th Mar 2016
James and Jess Wedding with Joanne Armstrong

Unique Celebrant: Perhaps at times a bit QUIRKY admittedly!

I love offering services as a unique celebrant even when tradition abounds. Here is a testimonial and a few photographs of a beautiful and traditional wedding ceremony that unfolded on...

17th Feb 2016
Big tooth grins on your wedding day

Unexpected Vows: I really like your teeth!

It is easy making vows unique. Just be yourself!

04th Feb 2016
Protected: Recommended Readings

Protected: Recommended Readings

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

19th Jan 2016
Supreme Happiness by Craig Spittles Photography

What is Supreme Happiness?

In the 1800s, Victor Hugo stated “that the supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved”. I would agree – there is nothing that beats the emotion(s)...

12th Jan 2016
Elopements with Joanne

Margaret River Elopements and other Juicy Weddings

Simple elopements are growing in popularity. More and more couples want to experience a wedding ceremony that is stress free and suites their budget or family nuances with a simple...

06th Jan 2016
Image by Craig Spittles Photography

Inspiring, Fun, Loving, NON CHEESY Wedding Readings: True Marriage by Jamie McGuire

True marriage begins well before the wedding day, and the efforts of marriage continue well beyond the ceremony’s end. A brief moment in time and the stroke of the pen...

17th Dec 2015
Weddings at Old Broadwater Farm with Joanne Armstrong

Old Broadwater Farm: for a perfect wedding in Bussleton

We were married at the beautiful Old Broadwater Farm in Busselton on 17th October this year – the day was so perfect and having Joanne’s calm and beautiful spirit made...

12th Dec 2015

Wise Weddings Eagle Bay: Breathtaking!

I married two beautiful (and cheeky) souls in my first Wise Wedding, overlooking breathtaking views of the Western shore of Geographe Bay. My drive yesterday to Wise Vineyard Restaurant took...

10th Dec 2015
Highly recommended wedding celebrant Margaret River

Way to Win Hearts: Margaret River Wedding Celebrant

After a long holiday,  I have to admit that it is really lovely to be back in action and to have an inbox full of positive feedback! Recommendation for Joanne...

21st Oct 2015
Keep it SIMPLE - by Craig Spittles Photography

Simple Weddings, NO Religious Stuff!

“Simple Wedding!” “No religious stuff!” “Sweet and short!” I cannot count how many times people ask for the above. Again, just today, I had a lady ring me (I could...

07th Sep 2015
DJ swami adima

Margaret River Weddings: DJ Swami Adima

Introduction to Margaret River Weddings: DJ Swami Adima 7 September 2015 (continuously updated) What started off as a normal walk to and from my car to Caves House whilst setting...

04th Sep 2015
The meaning of life for Margaret River Wedding Celebrant Joanne Armstrong

Margaret River Wedding Celebrant: This role is a gift

Testimonial for Margaret River Wedding Celebrant Joanne Armstrong It was from reading reviews very similar to this one that made me realise that Joanne was the Celebrant for us. And...

23rd Aug 2015
Best time for sunset photographs revealed

Margaret River Wedding Ceremony: what time will the sun set?

So, you’re working out the best time to get your wedding ceremony and reception organised. You’ve got your wedding celebrant and your wedding photographer booked in … but the only...

08th Aug 2015
Ceremony in Bali with Joanne Armstrong

Getting Married in Bali – Wedding Celebrant Joanne Armstrong

Another beautiful Bali ceremony but one which was absolutely focused on family – intimate, beautiful and relaxed! Had so much fun and it was all over far too quickly. If...

30th Jul 2015
Kaylie's tips for wedding couples on how to destress

Weddings Down South: Top 5 tips to bring you back in to the NOW

In my experience as an authorised marriage celebrant, I often learn about different stress points that affect couples in the lead up to their ceremony. Getting married or having any...

28th Jul 2015
Southwest Wedding Fair

Wedding Venues Down South – Southwest Wedding Fair

One of the most time consuming jobs when planning a wedding is choosing the best of all the wedding venues! On Saturday 29th August 2015, from 10.00am till 3.00pm, Southwest Venues...

22nd Jul 2015

Traditional Perth Wedding with Maryanne and Chris

It is hard not to get close to couples during the planning stages of their wedding … it is almost sad when it is over! Maryanne and Chris emailed me...

22nd Jul 2015

Magical, Mythical Weddings

On Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting one of these crafty types of people that really get you thinking and wishing you were more crafty yourself! It all started...

14th Jul 2015

Simply Marriage, Wedding Legalities without any Fuss

Are you and your partner looking for a quick and seamless marriage?  No wedding event, no reception, no speeches, no grand bridal walk, no over-the-top readings – just the wedding and...

10th Jul 2015
Chinese flag

Chinese and getting married in Australia?

你是中国人吗? 请问你有特别的仪式吗?   我的名字是乔安妮 · 阿姆斯特朗, 我是个 “合法婚姻司仪”。 我很感兴趣帮助不同文化背景的人。 由于我生活在世界各地,我长大的在香港。 我与她们的婚礼有很多家庭有经验。 每个婚礼是反映家庭的价值观和传统。 你知道吗? 自由结婚几乎可以在任何地方 — —例如; 美丽的场所、 公园、 海滩、 你的朋友的房子、 — — 那里一个婚宴 为你特别的日子创造最美好的回忆吧! 我可以帮助您与法律文书工作和所有详细信息。 我可以如何帮助您的?我会提供特别服务,例如: 婚礼仪式 宝宝命名仪式 或任何其他仪式。 我只需要你提供:...