CCN Blog: Renewing Your Vows – What’s the Point?

Vow renewals and recommitment ceremonies are worth it!

CCN Blog: Renewing Your Vows – What’s the Point?

This information is derived from a blog which is updated by passionate celebrants via the Civil Celebrations Network – CCN.

Throughout people’s lives, there are many good times as well as challenges and hardships, and it is how we react, how and what we feel and think, and the choices we make that can impact our journey.
People marry and mostly, their lives together are full of love and dreams.
Some couples at some point in their marriage, choose to renew their vows. Why? There are many reasons for this.
An example is gratitude for their marriage and wanting to revisit their vows to once again declare their love for each other.

Some couples have many ups and downs and it is the strength of their love and relationship, and rising above adversity that prompts them to celebrate by renewing their vows.

Marriage is hard work and sometimes couples feel worn down and at breaking point. It feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulders.

Life can become a test of balance with juggling and compromise.

Sometimes you just don’t want to know about it.

You’re tired……You’re depressed …………and you just want to close your eyes.

And time is speeding on by.

With hard work, quality time, reflection, kindness, caring, listening and hearing, gratitude for yourselves and your family, you again find balance, perspective and appreciation.

Getting through the tough times and being stronger for it is another example and a great reason to celebrate your relationship by Renewing your Vows.

Renew your Vows with your children.  Celebrate your achievements in creating a family.

A great way to involve children, especially blended families is by including a ritual.

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