Contos Beach Wedding: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED says wedding celebrant

If you are considering Contos Beach for your wedding, whilst it IS highly recommended,

As your wedding celebrant I need to warn you of a few things:

  1. It is absolutely beautiful
  2. A wedding celebrant cannot control the weather, nor any other of the natural elements
  3. Depending on your wedding style/guests/logistics and your personalities – it could make for the perfect wedding but you have to be prepared to accept that this is NATURE. She can run her own unpredictable course!

Here are some images of a recent elopement at Contos Beach, just a stone’s throw from Margaret River (you do not need a four wheel drive)!.

Images are provided by Craig Spittles Photography – quite a genius when it comes to capturing landscape images and those intimate and very special moments.

 Wedding Margaret River Joanne Armstrong Contos Beach
 Wedding Margaret River Joanne Armstrong Contos
 Where exactly is Contos Beach from Margaret River?
Why risk getting married at Contos Beach?
Check out the coastline… and Google Earth it to see it!
Wedding Contos Beach

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