French Canadian Aussie Wedding – Yessss please!

I will travel to the ends of the earth for the right couples!

Pauline and Mark got hitched in front of 120 guests at The Vines, finally sealing the deal between French Canadian families and Australian families.

To be privy to the simple ceremonies and help with these abroad in Canada, as well as give guidance and delivery of the wedding ceremony here in Australia, was a great honour.

Wedding colours were Red and Champagne, with the reception theme being winter wonderland & roses.
So incredibly stunning!

Mid ceremony we paused for a moment to enjoy a candle lighting ceremony. I managed to find a beautiful big vase that would ensure the candle wouldn’t go out!

One thing I will always remember too from this exquisite wedding is the powerful vows that both said to each other on the day. They were personalised and very raunchy… just perfect as it meant both Pauline and Mark were being themselves. You cannot achieve better than that!

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