How is a Commitment Ceremony any Less Binding than any other Wedding?

In short, it is isn’t.

Whether you or heterosexual, homosexual, transgender – it makes no difference to me.

In my eyes, your commitment to one another – is no less binding if you believe it to be real.

A professional celebrant will guide you on what you can and cannot do legally – but treats you with absolute respect.

I’ve just had another same-sex couple implore me to help them with their ceremony. It is not the first time I am amending my weekend of pre-planned holidaying shenanigans to accommodate a gay couple. I will do what I can to help such couples because I feel that the existing lack of rights in Australia is abhorrent.

What does my head in further is the apparent lack of empathy shown by so many celebrants. Simply to say that they abide by the Code of Conduct is not enough.

I have heard many stories from couples who have felt pushed away upon inquiring after celebrant services, made to feel that their’s isn’t a “real wedding”, been reminded at every turn about the social and political barriers in a manner that is frankly naive and anything but empathetic, makes me burn with desire ever more to help change the fickle mindsets of this behind-the-times society we live in.

The reality is that anyone can be a celebrant. There are excellent celebrants but then there are seriously outdated ones.

And it makes no difference whether their style  is modern, contemporary, traditional, themed. The ability to deliver a ceremony that caters to a couple’s needs is in their hands.

Marriage equality is only a matter of time.

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