Mammoth Cave Wedding – a completely unique experience

Mammoth Cave Wedding of Sophie and Lee was one of a few I have conducted now and – each has been a completely unique experience.

Here is what Sophie has kindly written up for me to entice YOU to think outside the square and consider a kooky celebrant such as me.

As the Celebrant of our marriage, Joanne respected our desire for a low key, informal and somewhat out of the box, secret ‘wedding’. Joanne delivered the ceremony beautifully and in tune with the casual approach that we requested and at the same time ensuring the ceremony remained deeply meaningful. Joanne weaved the necessary formalities between both deliberated speech and impromptu dialogue, with a perfect mix of humour, emotion, enthusiasm and seriousness– leaving our guests equally impressed. Side note: As a Body Language Specialist, I’m always aware of the way in which people come across nonverbally. I can’t not mention Joanne’s beautiful voice– rich and relaxed with depth, giving her great presence. This is a fantastic attribute for a celebrant!

Thank you Sophie!!!

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