Margaret River Bride and Groom – You better book your marriage celebrant QUICKLY

Perth wedding celebrant Joanne Armstrong

No matter what time of year, what the weather or who you are, I will take every step to ensure that your ceremony is sensational.

Wowzers! That makes four inquiries in the same morning for the same date in Margaret River alone!

If you have just got engaged and you’re hunting online right now for marriage celebrants in Perth or anywhere Down South (not just Margaret River) here are a few tips:

1. If you want to book a very good celebrant, prioritise this. Do not leave it until the last minute because good celebrants get scooped up FAST.

2. Be aware that the most popular months are February and November, with the months on either side of that making up the peak wedding season period. If you are determined to book a particular celebrant, chat to them about flexibility with your date and time – if you have it.

3. If you have got flexibility with the day and date, be aware that it is increasingly popular to book weddings and commitment ceremonies on week days. The reason for this is that it is often cheaper – one of my couples is saving a fortune by getting married late one Thursday evening next Summer. It also means that your wedding guests have a bit more “recovery time”. Rather than having the wedding on a Saturday or Sunday, if  it is on a Thursday or Friday the whole weekend is treated like a long weekend. Now who doesn’t like that idea?!

4. You may have heard the words Sprummer or Spinger. Personally I think it is all codswallop but the advocates of these additional months do have a point – our seasons have changed. It is worthwhile considering having your ceremony in Autumn and Winter when the weather is mild. So often weekends of beautiful, cloudless days pass us by during the Winter months and the sun is simply perfect. I cannot fathom why more people don’t enjoy the comfort (and better pricing) of our cooler months. I have also see a number of brides melt in their gowns during Summer so if comfort and looking great is on the list, I highly recommend taking into account that weddings in the cooler months more of a breeze. It can be argued that there is more risk with rain (OK ,OK, June and July gets pretty wet here in WA) however weather is just as unpredictable in the warmer months with wind factors, squalls and flies to contend with.

5. There are only so many days in a calendar year. If you’re struggling to find venues and celebrants and what not on a particular day, imagine how that impacts your guest list. They can only be in one place at once so the convenience of booking your ceremony outside of the congested dates means they’re more likely to make your big event and thoroughly enjoy it.

6. If you have got your heart set on a popular date and you’re currently ringing around for marriage celebrants, frustrated at their lack of availability, my deepest recommendation is that you try to let go of the obsession with a particular date and rather focus on booking a celebrant who is professional and going to do a sterling job.

7. Lastly, talk to your potential celebrant openly and frankly about your options. If you have room for flexibility, they should guide you about a whole host of things that will likely save you money and stress. Only make a decision when you are completely comfortable that they’re the right celebrant with you and understand that in most cases the only way to secure their services is through two things: payment of a non-refundable deposit and lodgement of a Notice of Intended Marriage Form. 

Good luck!  I hope that no matter which date you decide upon that you find the right celebrant. 

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