Thank you ABC Barry Nicholls – Marriage Equality Interview

Marriage Equality Wedding Celebrant Margaret River Joanne Armstrong ABC

Thank you to ABC’s Barry Nicholls (Drive) for the second interview post the legislative changes on Marriage Equality.
Whilst it is definitely a cause for celebration – it is in reality just the START.

ABC Interview 9 Jan 2018

This was the one recorded before the legislation changed

The issue is that there are a lot of people who are still sitting on the peripheral edge and don’t “tick a box”.

I am in liaison with two couples who have it super tough.
They cannot marry due to not being same sex and not married already.

One couple are married and he is now a she – so they want to formalise that they are she and she.
But even though he has changed his sex to female on all ID, when it came to the birth certificate – the births deaths and marriages registry are insisting that s/he needs to divorce.
This is despite their marriage (amazingly) surviving the tests of all of this.
I am conducting a commitment ceremony in Margaret River with intimate family this coming Winter.
This is to celebrate the milestones and their rite of passages – but also the mere fact that they are just ordinarily in love and they just all “want to get on with it!”.

From my perspective on this niggly issue, whilst these couples are emailing pollies and aiming to get tweaks to the laws to allow couples such as them to still be / stay married … it is up to public pressure still to raise awareness that… this is only the beginning.

There is still some way to go – and not just in people’s mindsets, behaviour and business approaches.

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