What to say when exchanging rings on your wedding day

A matter of choice.
One of the milestones that I set my couples is writing their own ring vows. These are the words you say when you exchange your rings and can be a part of or a separate component of your longer personal vows.
Don’t get me wrong – I do not leave you in uncharted territory battling this on your own.  You are not given a wad of regurgitated ring vows and expected to just pick one. I help to guide, coach, direct, inspire. But against all odds, I recommend that the words are your own.
Some celebrants do not give the option of ring vows. However I personally like to provide the choice and think giving the option is exceptionally important. After all, you’re both going to be wearing these things on your fingers for the rest of your lives!
But what to say when exchanging rings on your wedding day?
What you say is entirely up to you.
There is no “right” or “wrong”.
The easiest solution is for the ring vow to be one sentence – short and succinct. This is generally repeated after me. It need not be the same sentence – you can both say something a bit different but I recommend you work on these sentence(s) together. The reason why I recommend they are repeated after me and kept succinct is that if they are longer, you need to read them off a card – which makes putting your rings on each other’s fingers tricky – unless you incorporate the words as part of your other vows.
You can say as much as you want or as little as you want. Don’t forget, I am here as your celebrant to help provide context to your guests about the rings in the lead up to your giving them to each other. For example, a warm and well thought-out introduction to your ring bearer(s) offers a good segway. If your rings are made from a unique material, have a special inscription, were designed by you or passed on to you through your family history – these are all lovely facts  or anecdotal stories that can potentially be shared with your wedding guests.

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