20th Sep 2017
Weddings with Joanne Armstrong Margaret River Wedding Season

Margaret River Weddings and Events: Perfect no matter what the season

Regardless of what time you book your Margaret River wedding, ceremony or other event, if you plan accordingly with the seasons and location, you can only be guaranteed success on your big day - says Joanne Armstrong, Margaret River based Wedding Celebrant.

01st Jun 2016
Love and Marriage Joanne Armstrong wedding celebrant

Making Marriage Last is all the Intention

A favourite article that may help you with relationship guidance

17th Feb 2016
Big tooth grins on your wedding day

Unexpected Vows: I really like your teeth!

It is easy making vows unique. Just be yourself!

18th Apr 2015
Elidas wedding - with celebrant Joanne Armstrong

Wedding Celebrants help provide Relationship Advice, Counselling and Guidance

Did you know that it is a legal requirement for your celebrant to give you relationship counselling advice and help steer you in the right direction? Sometimes making certain decisions...

03rd Apr 2015
Easter Weddings - No artificiality

Unique, Genuine Weddings – with no artificial colours or flavours

In the lead up to Easter I got researching about which chocolate would be the best to get. With so much chocolate to choose from, where does one begin? It...

23rd Feb 2015
Betty Tune and Joanne Armstrong

Wedding Bells Ring in Margaret River

Here is Betty and me having fun in Margaret River with cakes, horses, carriages, chocolate, red wine and … brides! I learnt so many tips on the best spots for weddings...

30th Aug 2014

Wedding, Receptions, Parties and other Celebrations at Mosmans Restaurant

There are 3 things I love about weddings at Mosmans Restaurant and surrounds: 1. Intimacy! Having your friends and family close and in a more confined area can make a...

19th Jun 2014
How is a Commitment Ceremony any Less Binding than any other Wedding?

How is a Commitment Ceremony any Less Binding than any other Wedding?

In short, it is isn’t. Whether you or heterosexual, homosexual, transgender – it makes no difference to me. In my eyes, your commitment to one another – is no less...

29th May 2014
Pre-Marriage Counselling recommended before Marriage

The Hart Centre

When it comes to relationship guidance and counselling, The Hart Centre is one of the serviced providers on my list of recommendations to all couples – no matter what age...

29th Mar 2014
Marriage Equality a MUST for Australia

Same Sex Marriage – Celebrant Joanne Armstrong looks forward to more than Commitment Ceremonies, Marriage and More

Tomorrow the first same-sex marriages are possible whilst we still grapple with the concept of equality in Australia. On the cusp of delivering another same sex Commitment Ceremony, I would...

08th Nov 2013
Wedding Party - an app for your wedding

Planning your Civil Wedding Ceremony? Try Wedding Party App!

I’m loving a new app shared with me by one of my couples getting married in three weeks! If you are planning your wedding ceremony, you should at least try it...

12th Sep 2013
Everything you Need to make your Wedding complete… WITH YOUR PET!

Everything you Need to make your Wedding complete… WITH YOUR PET!

I met the most extraordinary and inspirational lady the other day. What was meant to be a quick get together turned into a loooong conversation over coffee whilst we poured...

16th Aug 2013

What does a Celebrant Cost?

How  long is a piece of wedding ribbon? Getting married can be really financially worrying –  it’s understandable that one of the first considerations is BUDGET. However, this is where...

22nd Apr 2013

Happy Earth Day

Did you know that out of the nine planets of the solar system, Earth is the only planet which has implausible biodiversity? If you have thoughts of ecology, reverence for...

02nd Apr 2013
Your Civil Ceremony – Shaken or Stirred, Perhaps even Muddled!

Your Civil Ceremony – Shaken or Stirred, Perhaps even Muddled!

I am a fairly new celebrant on the scene but already (fingers crossed) hopefully creating waves through my desire to ensure that people approach their wedding ceremonies a bit differently....

26th Mar 2013
Member of the Australian Association of Civil Celebrants (AFCC)

Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants

As a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants (AFCC), Joanne Armstrong (Authorised Civil Celebrant based in Perth, WA) offers you a host of benefits for your wedding celebration...

3 Reasons why you should NOT leave it ’til the Last Minute to Book your Celebrant

I’ve had a number of calls for wedding ceremonies in November 2013 this week. October to December is certainly a very busy time in Perth for celebrants and it’s a...

12th Nov 2012
Pure Dead Brilliant: Have you heard of a Quiach?

Pure Dead Brilliant: Have you heard of a Quiach?

What a wonderful rehearsal spent with a family of Scots! Foos yer Doos, i’day? Aye, there is much merriment to look forward to this Thursday, including a good ol Scottish tradition, sharing...