12th Oct 2014
Cool and unique wedding ceremonies

Creative, Fun Wedding Celebrant – Joanne Armstrong of Wild Heart Celebrations

Do you want flexibility with your … vows? Flexibility is completely possible. It is only when you are legally marrying someone that there are words which must be said. The Marriage...

The Circle of Life

And so, the Wedding Season is well and truly upon us! Spring is here in full bloom, excited and happy inquiries are flooding in from couples recently engaged and the...

12th Oct 2014
Wedding ceremony just one right of passage

Spring Wedding Ceremony Perth

This afternoon’s wedding ceremony is in Carmel, a half an hour drive outside of Perth, Western Australia. I love this neck of the woods because national parks such as (Kalamunda...

26th Mar 2014

Celebrate your Wedding Day or Vow Renewal with Roses

Marriage Celebrant, Joanne Armstrong, gives Tips on a Rose Giving Ritual. Work with your celebrant to ensure that this ritual is significant and well timed with the rest of the...

11th Feb 2014

Chinese Traditional Holidays and Weddings – Close to my Heart KUNG KEI FAT CHOI! – Year of the Horse

Celebrations and civil ceremonies provide opportunities for storytelling. A significant part of my youth spent growing up in South East Asia, with early adulthood commencing in Hong Kong means that...

02nd Jun 2013
Wedding Ceremony in the Forest

Australian Wedding in the Forest – A Fairytale in Reality

Andrew Scott Taylor Thank you so much Joanne! Kristiina and I were so lucky to have you as our celebrant, we were such unorganised space cadets, you did an awesome...

26th May 2013
St. David's Cathedral, Wales

The Best Wedding Ever – A Civil Ceremony that Suits You Perfectly

Today’s wedding is on a beach jetty! Yesterday’s wedding was held in lush, secluded gardens flanked by Eucalutus Macrocarpa and Rhodantha, beneath a baby blue sky and cirrus clouds. The bride...

22nd Apr 2013

Happy Earth Day

Did you know that out of the nine planets of the solar system, Earth is the only planet which has implausible biodiversity? If you have thoughts of ecology, reverence for...

02nd Apr 2013
Your Civil Ceremony – Shaken or Stirred, Perhaps even Muddled!

Your Civil Ceremony – Shaken or Stirred, Perhaps even Muddled!

I am a fairly new celebrant on the scene but already (fingers crossed) hopefully creating waves through my desire to ensure that people approach their wedding ceremonies a bit differently....

07th Mar 2013
Joanne Armstrong - Perth Bali Overseas Wedding Marriage Celebrant AT YOUR SERVICE

At Your Service

13th Feb 2013

Kiss Conventional Valentine’s Days Goodbye

Yes, you are absolutely right. It’s not quite Valentines. Thus I am provided the OPPORTUNE moment to declare it worth celebrating! It is controversial: on one side it’s a big...

20th Jan 2013
Wedding on Rottnest Island Western Australia

Authorised, Civil, Certified – When Hunting for your Marriage Celebrant, what does this all mean?

A superb freedom in Australia is that you do not need a marriage license, nor are you restricted to marrying in church. Whether it’s a beach wedding, forest wedding, dune...